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I'm Andrulian

Andrulian is the recording name of Andy Lyon, a blogger, sound artist, sound designer and producer from the UK.

I founded Andrulian's Blog as as resource for all things music - musings, understanding theory, software tools, reviews and commentary.

The blog outgrew its former host and the move to this website allows me to grow and be able to feature more of my music and include other passions of books, photography, digital art and start to explore coding.

I'm an affiliate with Loopmasters, Loopcloud and PluginBoutique, you'll see discrete affiliate advertising across the site, this helps support running and development of the website.

Some of my favourite photos and artwork

Featured gallery

Some of my sound design work

Palindrome by Glitchmachines

Beta-tested and produced presets for this granular morph plotting sampler

Convex by glitchmachines

Beta-tested and produced presets for this multi-effects processor designed to facilitate the creation of contorted artifacts, syncopated patterns and skewed digital textures

kalipheno is a sci-fi themed sample pack created using a variety of sounds I have created from sources including percussive impact sounds, electronic toys and field recorded sounds. These have been mangled, glitched and processed in various ways in Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II using Incipit by Inear Display; Subvert, Convex and Cryogen by Glitchmachines; Fog Convolver by Audio Thing and various delays and reverbs. The effects have been used in various configurations and routings

The pack contains 296 samples comprising of atmospheres, textures, glitches, robotic artefacts and impacts which give the sound of a dystopian future

Background and Ambience vol. 1

This is 50 field recordings taken on a phone mainly from parks, woods, trains and train stations. I recently found these on an old phone so the quality isn't always brilliant but they're very usable in their own right and also ideal for your favourite samplers and glitch effects

CODING Experiments


35c3 circuit generator is a modification of a project originally by Bleeptrack. It produces a random circuit diagram with random text, you can also add your own text. I've updated the wordlist and changed the size of the image to square so you could use it for album cover artwork, for example.

Poetry bot

Poetry Bot is a kind of remix of a project by Matthew Sklar on Github. It produces Limericks, Haiku, Sonnets or Free Verse. I've changed the topic list and tinkered with the code a bit. It tries to be coherent but often fails and sometimes even gives up. It's currently off-line because it's given up completely.

lullian poetry generator

lullian poetry generator is my first coding experiment written from scratch. I've taken a php project I found on Codediesel and rewritten in Javascript. The basic idea is to create a grammatical structure from words and phrases and then insert random words and phrases into this structure. It's written with large collections of words and phrases to give random rather than themed poems.

Based in the UK. Available Worldwide

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