You are currently viewing Conrad Ashton feature – includes latest single ‘Time’

Conrad Ashton feature – includes latest single ‘Time’

Conrad Ashton is an artist from the North-East of England who has just released his latest single ‘Time’. The video is embedded above and you can also stream on all major platforms.

It’s an uptempo rock song with great drive, passion and energy, a rallying call against procrastination and not to let time pass you by.

Get to know Conrad Ashton
Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Conrad has a no-nonsense approach to music making and performance – he is simply himself.

A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes.

Ashton is inspired by the likes of The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles & Elvis.

Genre: classic meets modern rock

Conrad, what inspires you?
“Life to be honest – literally that’s it and my experiences. I just tell the truth, it is what it is.”

What’s your songwriting process?
“I get a few words in my head and take it from there. Sometimes I hear the song playing in my head also and I write it down and get the guitar out. But, aye, words first with a little melody to them and then just stick some chords owa the top tbf nowt daft straight forward non of this picking notes out on the piano and what not I write now as I did aged 12 when I first tried properly.”

What’s your relationship with live performance?
“I’m the most nervous man on the planet beforehand – I can’t speak, barely eat and don’t want to drink, but when I hit that stage everything melts away. All the anxiety or the constant war that’s going on in my head disappears. Though to be fair usually my leg is still spasming well into the opening number, but I don’t feel any nerves anymore, only adrenaline. It’s like my body knows what to do and it feels kinda liberating, and if people
clap, that’s always nice.

Music is my life and it’s everything to me. I used to do open mics but branched out when I got my degree at Leeds College of Music and played nationwide and literally anywhere that’ll have me!”

What’s next?

Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 restrictions forthcoming gigs are cancelled, however a four track EP ‘No Post on Sundays’ is due for release in August.

Says Conrad – “For the first time ever I am releasing a full acoustic set of songs, I have never released a single that is acoustic so thought why not do an EP!

Push the boat out and see what happens, the songs are really from my life experiences and I chucked in an acoustic version of ‘Time’ for good measure. My plans are to ideally release it in August to keep the momentum of this single going.”

For more information please see Conrad’s website.