Favourite video selection of the week

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Not only are there some great songs being released, there are some great videos too. And I’ve not been very good at viewing them so apologies because some of these have been around for ages. But starting with this post here are my favourites which I’ve finally got round to watching this past week or so and there are lots more to follow.
The Darlingtons – Rotations
I really like this song, it’s got great drive and energy. The video is a great idea that’s really well put together. And it has a slightly scary ending.

Tammy Miller – Let it Go
Really like the song, it’s beautifully performed. Also like the direction and production of the video. Just hope you picked up the glass because a child might tread on it, or something.

Mouthful of Daisy – Statues
Bit of a dark theme to this video but again the song is really good and the video is very well produced.

Jess Harwood – Breaking Down
Sorry Jess, I know this is nearly a year old but it’s a great song and video. Jess has got a great voice and excellent taste in acoustic guitars and if that’s not enough she’s also a great keyboard player too.

Puppet Rebellion – Pirouette
Another great song with a really catchy vibe. Great idea for the video, again very well produced.

Analogue Wave – Dead Cat Bounce
Been a long term fan of Analogue Wave. The idea for this video is interesting and works really well.