Favourite Videos of the Week (06/11/14)

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Unfortunately I seem to have missed a week, but don’t worry, I’ve made up for it with this selection:
Braver than Fiction – Your Little Fantasy
Really like the way the video was shot in black and white and in colour and the aged look to the video in places. The song is really well produced, Braver than Fiction have a great edgy sound with great vocals too.

Nick John Wilson – Coming Home
This is a beautiful acoustic song, Nick has an great voice and plays the song really well. The video is a nice combination of travelling home and Nick’s playing of the song.

Paaliaq – Codes
Great time lapse photography in this video by Alphaman. The song is a great ambient soundscape with really nice piano and an awesomely deep bass.

The Frisbys – Philosolove
Brilliant animation which is taken from ‘The Romantic’ by Michael P Heneghan. The song has a great sound, really well produced with great harmonies.

Puppet Rebellion – Cupboards Painted Red
I’m a big fan of the previous video for Pirouette and Puppet Rebellion have followed up with another great video here. There’s great imagery with some brilliant slow motion shots. The song is also excellent, Puppet Rebellion have a really tight sound with great vocals and a great edge to their sound.

E Gone – You Will Sing
Great idea for the video, simple but really effective and quite mesmerising. The song goes really well with the video having ambient and drone qualities and a great guitar tone.