Favourite Videos of the Week (11/01/15)

Forever Still – Scars
Great combination of live shots of the band and footage of Maya singing in a basement / corridor. Forever Still have a solid sound and there’s a great energy and drive to the song. Maya’s vocals are excellent complimenting the song really well with a hint of terror thrown in for good measure!.

Blabpipe – Gone
Some great space footage in the video, if it’s really from the moon landings I never realised they fell over so much. This footage is combined with recording of live playing and other cool imagery. The song has a great indie / grunge vibe, maintaining momentum whilst still having a laid back feel to the vocals.

Future Islands – Vireo’s Eye
The video is footage from the video game ‘Dragon’s Lair’ which works really well. The song has a great synth pop type of sound, great bassline and lead synth parts and edgy vocals.

Meter Bridge – Kite
Really great imagery in this video, a great combination of black and white and time lapse footage. The song is taken from Meter Bridge’s excellent self-titled album (you can read my review) Kite has great percussion and acid sounds to open with, the vocals are more spoken. The song has a sparse breakbeat feel with great layering and really nice use of delay effects. The video compliments the song excellently.

Wolfgang Leng – Light Me Up
Great visuals to this video, the song has a great funky vibe with solid rhythm and great saxophone and guitar parts.

Rose Robbins – When I Dream
Beautiful imagery in the video, it’s really well produced. The song has ambient / drone qualities and the vocals are lovely, giving the song a kind of Celtic / Irish feel but there’s also a nice edge to the song.