Favourite Videos of the Week (18/12/14)

Another great selection:
Junica – I Know a Place
Some great visuals in this video, the ‘Madonna Inn’ has some hardcore decor that’s for sure. Great vibe to the song, it’s really catchy, the vocals are excellent and there’s a nice guitar solo too.

Linda Guilala – Verona
Striking visuals, reminds me of the early 80s when video effects had just been invented but with a great modern edge. It’s fair to say my Spanish is pretty much non-existent but that doesn’t matter, the band have a great indie pop sound – tight drumming, great riffing and dreamy vocals. The song has great drive and build tension nicely for a final release.

Beverly – Honey Do
Really well shot video, it has a really personal feel to it which I really like. It’s shot in black and white which really seems to add to the feel of the video. The song is also excellent, a brilliant sound with great chunky riffing, solid rhythm and great vocals.

Latenite Automatic – Thief in the Night
The video appears to use footage from an oldish looking film, it suits the song really well. The song opens with a pretty heavy and dirty bassline leading to spoken lyrics which creates a kind of menacing feel. Great dark edge to the song, great vocals and really good sound that draws from several different styles.

Comfort Within Noise – Late Nights and Mystics
Comfort Within Noise featured on the last selection, I like the sound so much they’ve made it onto this week’s selection too. This is one of those visual effect videos which really holds your attention and suits the song very well. The song has a great feel to it, really solid drum / percussion and great layering, combining elements of downtempo with a hint of dub and dubstep.

Video has some great abstract images and suits the song really well. AudioSapian produces great music and this is no exception, really well produced, great percussion and excellent layering. A great natural / organic sound and a great chilled vibe with just a hint of tension.

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