Favourite videos of the week (28/09/14)

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Been a few weeks since the last one, sorry about that but another great selection:
Tilt Japan
The imagery in the video is excellent, the music is by Jemapur – Album Empty – track Civilization Cycle

TILT JAPAN from TILT on Vimeo.

Sounds of Sputnik – New Born feat. Ummagma
A great vibe to this song, really like the vocals. The video is really well produced, has a dreamy almost ethereal feel.

XTR Human – Monitor
This song has a great sound to it and the video complements it really well.

Mingmen – Great Illusion
I really like this song a lot. The Mingmen have a really tight sound and great vocals courtesy of Sway. The video is spot on, really well produced.

Culann – All Reverie
Culann have a great sound with great energy in this song. Again the production on the video is excellent.

Grace Vardell – Big Jet Plane
This song is just beautifully performed.