Have you got or ever had a bad case of STI – Sample Transmitted Ignominy?

Let’s be honest. You like to be faithful to your music creating your own sounds but sometimes, just sometimes, you want to experiment with someone else.
And there’s nothing wrong with that. No one gets hurt, nobody really needs to know.
But be careful, you don’t know where they’ve been, and what they’ve picked up along the way.
If you pay for it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safer or cleaner even though you think it would. There are no obvious symptoms.
Sample Transmitted Ignominy. It’s quite nasty and you may not even realise you’ve  got it.  Look for the symptoms –  it might be scratchy or cause aural discomfort.  If you have got it don’t worry, it’s easily cured by treating with a course of EQ. A range of free and paid treatments are available for all scenarios.
So next time you’re tempted the advice is simple – take precautions.  Make sure they’re clean before you use them so there are no nasty artifacts or unwanted frequencies that you could unwittingly transmit to your listeners. Remember it’s your responsibility as an artist – your listeners can’t treat it, only suffer the consequences.