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HEDD Audio announce launch of HEDDphone Two


HEDD Audio, the Berlin-based manufacturer of high end studio monitors and headphones, is thrilled to announce the launch of its long anticipated successor to the original HEDDphone ONE: HEDDphone TWO

Powered by new advances in Air Motion Transformer technology and informed by profound user feedback, the new HEDDphone has undergone a turbo-charged evolution. With a folded Kapton diaphragm over three times larger than of traditional dynamic, planar, or electrostatic driver designs, the sound of HEDDphone TWO has reached new heights—it precisely tailors subtle transients and creates a transparent, natural musicality. It delivers a speaker-like, evenly balanced soundstage with stunning definition, permitting long listening periods with very little fatigue.

Building on the success of its predecessor, used by award-winning producers and engineers like Tchad Blake, Hildur Guðnadóttir, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, this headphone is crafted with particular focus on the needs of mastering engineers, mix engineers, and producers—without forgetting the broader spectrum of consumer headphone enthusiasts. 

Several breakthroughs have been achieved in the three and a half year process of developing and designing HEDDphone TWO. HEDD Audio’s R&D team reconstructed the driver from scratch, using lightweight materials like carbon fibre and magnesium to achieve a staggering 25% weight reduction from the original. Furthermore, an all-new mechanical design was developed that enhanced the product’s durability while simultaneously making the entire unit more compact. 

Extensive material and reliability testing has allowed HEDD to offer a rare and extended five-year warranty for HEDDphone TWO, available to customers via product registration. 

A patent is pending for the all new unique headband (HEDDband) that provides users with a true custom-comfort-fit experience. HEDD have gone all-out to invent a smart strap system, allowing parameters like height, width, curvature, and even the clamping pressure to be tweaked and adjusted to the head shape and taste of an individual listener. 

To ensure highest flexibility straight out of the box, HEDDphone TWO includes a carrying case as well as additional balanced and unbalanced cables, making it easy to take HEDDphone TWO to recording projects… and even on vacation. Heavy users will appreciate the spare set of ear pads, also included. 

HP2: Price and Availability

Priced at 1999€ (incl. VAT), HEDDphone TWO will be available in late September (North America) and from mid to late October (Rest of the world).

HP2: Specification

Concept: Open-back over-ear
Driver: Full-range Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
Diaphragm: Kapton polyimide film
Frequency range: 10Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/W
Impedance: 41 Ohm
Weight: 550g
Power Requirements: minimum 200mW, recommended 1000mW or more Cable: Kevlar-infused, graded
Vegan-Leather ear pads and head cushion
Made in Germany

HP2: In The Box

HEDDphone® TWO
Travel case to fit HEDDphone® TWO and Accessories 1x additional set of spare ear pads
1x 2.2 m unbalanced cable with 6.35 mm termination 1x 2.2 m balanced cable with 4.4 mm termination
1x unbalanced adapter from 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm
1X balanced adapter from balanced 4.4 mm to XLR
HEDDphone TWO is hand-built in Berlin, Germany
The HEDDphone Origin Story

The leadership at HEDD recognizes the evolving landscape of the audio production scene. They see how both music creators and consumers are increasingly turning to headphones as their go-to listening gear. 

HEDD’s commitment and dedication to continuous sound innovation and the unique sonic signature of AMT technology spurred HEDD to develop the full-range AMT (Air Motion Transformer). Heinz dedicated several years to crafting a headphone with unrivaled sonic accuracy along with a natural soundstage, and what emerged was the HEDDphone, the first-of-its-kind headphone created to reproduce the entire frequency spectrum. 

The response to the HEDDphone has been incredible, with users describing them as extremely natural, stunningly accurate, and delivering exceptional dynamics and transient response. The HEDDphone produces a musically balanced frequency response with a lifelike soundstage, permitting long listening periods with very little fatigue. Professional mix engineers are successfully using the HEDDphone as a primary monitor system, getting work done in less-than-ideal or unfamiliar acoustic environments. While the feedback regarding the sound quality has been almost 100% positive, a common user request was that of a lighter-weight, more adjustable version of the headphone.

HEDDphone TWO utilizes proprietary and exclusive headphone technology and hand-crafted production. Informed by invaluable user feedback and powered by technological advances, HEDDphone has undergone a turbo-charged evolution. The result of this three-and-a-half-year journey is the HEDDphone TWO, the next-generation successor of the original HEDDphone. One of its key improvements is the infusion of exotic lightweight materials like carbon fibre and magnesium. These materials, paired with an advanced, elegant headband design, yield a headphone that defies gravity while increasing on the sonic quality and impact of the original model. 

Its stunning looks and industrial design belie the sophistication of the product. HEDDphone TWO provides the most accommodating headband on the market, granting the user freedom of independent adjustments for both earcup height and head shape, and even the clamping force can be custom-tailored for the most comfortable and effective positioning. The headphones are handcrafted and fully assembled by our team in Berlin. Just as watchmakers breathe life into timepieces, these headphones are precisely assembled with that same delicate artistic devotion. This isn’t by chance – the very head of the AMT department studied and practiced the art of watchmaking prior to joining Klaus Heinz on his endeavors. 

HEDDphone TWO comes bundled with a carrying case, spare ear pads, and an array of cables, including balanced and unbalanced cables of various lengths. Furthermore, all users will feel confident knowing that HEDD stands behind these headphones with an industry-leading five-year warranty. For us, the warranty is a promise to our users and the result of our belief in creating lasting products. 

About Our Customers
The HEDDphone TWO has been crafted with a discerning eye on the needs of mastering engineers, mix engineers, and producers, but it will surely captivate hi-fi aficionados and also the broader spectrum of consumer headphone enthusiasts. For professionals, accuracy and reliability are paramount in a monitor system. An accurate and reliable monitor is an indispensable tool that forms the backbone of a seamless and productive workflow, and—perhaps more importantly—provides creators the confidence to understand what the majority of listeners will hear. That is to say: accurate monitors ensure reliable translation to the outside world. 
HEDD customers admire the meticulous craftsmanship and uncompromising standards that define this German masterpiece. The bespoke headband and the striking industrial design of these headphones visually mirror the sonic authority and artistry inherent in the system. Ultimately it’s the sound that matters, but the physical structure exudes its own kind of confidence. 
In today’s fast-paced world, audio professionals often find themselves working in unfamiliar surroundings—be it makeshift studios or hotel suites. Working on unfamiliar monitors in unfamiliar rooms poses challenges to the creator in understanding just how the audio will translate. This is where headphones become an ally and an increasingly important production tool, a trusted personal monitor system. 
Consider the case of “Despacito,” one of the chart-topping hits of this decade. The song’s mix by Josh Gudwin took form in an airport lounge, a testament to the pivotal role headphones play in bridging gaps when record company schedules and personal commitments converge. This story underscores the increasing importance of headphones as indispensable tools for modern audio production. In this regard, HEDDphone TWO will empower creators and become one of the most trusted tools for audio professionals around the globe.
Beyond their need for accuracy, professional headphones must be comfortable enough to be worn for extended time periods, and they must simply be enjoyable to listen to. This second-generation model ticks all the boxes, embodying both a cozy fit and a sound that’s precise yet natural. 
User Stories
Users often liken the experience of wearing the HEDDphone to receiving a “warm hug” for their ears. The headphones create a spacious soundstage, with powerful yet authentic low frequencies, wide dynamic range, and transients that genuinely capture the essence of the musical content – akin to being immersed in a studio rather than just having drivers next to one’s ears. 
HEDD maintains and cherishes its deep and symbiotic relationship with its users, weaving their insights into the very fabric of the company’s evolution. This not only helps us envision the use cases for our products, but it informs the development of our products. We permanently interact online and in-person with our users to keep this dialogue open. Through this effort, we noticed that many creators have become inseparably bonded with their headphones… for many, headphones have become their main monitors during production and mixing. 
One example of a professional user is Blue May, a renowned producer and mixer, who has recently relocated from London to Los Angeles. He had become accustomed to working in professional recording studios in the U.K. for the likes of Joy Crookes and Lilly Allen, but now finds himself working in an improvised studio space at his residence in the States. This shift in work habits has pushed him to spend much of his time working with headphones, rather than studio monitors. He was initially attracted to the comfort and natural sound of the HEDDphone and he has grown to trust the sonic results that working on the headphone produces. He attests that his mixes, sculpted through the lens of HEDDphones, possess an elevated resonance. His mixes, as he puts it, are “a little bit better than when I was mainly on speakers.” 
Similarly, mix engineer David Yungin Kim hustles between studios, and often between the U.S. and Korea, while trying to efficiently mix records as part of superproducer Hit-Boy’s team. Kim’s work has led to platinum and Grammy-winning records by BTS, NAS, Nipsey Hustle, and Post Malone. He is often seen shrouded by a pair of HEDDphones while grooving to the beat of one of his mixes. Kim says of the HEDD monitors and HEDDphones, “When I’m mixing, I’m looking for a monitor with balanced low frequencies and I want the highs to be tamed a little bit. There are some speakers I’ve used in the past where I get ear fatigue and have to take a break, which isn’t efficient. I find with the HEDDs that I can listen to them for a long time. The low-end is nicely defined, the mids are accurate and my ears don’t get tired listening to them.” 
HEDD crafts its flagship HEDDphone TWO headphones for audio professionals with a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. A result that also resonates with the discerning ears of audiophiles. This is the narrative of HEDD – an ever-evolving symphony of innovation delivering not just audio products, but transformative auditory journeys.
The Development Process
Through our proprietary technology and spirit of innovation, we are uniquely situated to deliver the pinnacle of headphone technology just when the world needs and appreciates it most. We knew that our AMT driver would successfully form the sonic foundation for the HEDDphone TWO, however, the three-and-a-half years of product development was no ordinary venture. Take, for instance, the fresh and innovative approach we adopted in designing the HEDDphone headband. This creative process took us through a staggering amount of iterations and enhancements, culminating in our final design which holds a pending patent. As for the driver, the AMT underwent meticulous refinement to ensure a featherlight construction that still produces the uncompromised fidelity that the HEDDphone is known for. 
The AMT electrodynamic transducer operates on unique principles of a folded diaphragm geometry transforming into the output area a much higher effective driving area. An area over three times higher than conventional moving coil architectures, planar magnetic, or other electrostatic technologies. The larger area offers the advantage of not needing a high excursion and thus creates very low distortion in the bass frequencies. With its low mass, pleated geometry, and economical movement, it can efficiently deliver outstanding dynamics and transients.
HEDD Audio's Values

The story of the HEDDphone TWO reflects HEDD’s greater mission: To build highly accurate products with lifelike fidelity to accommodate a diverse range of sonic styles and appeal to eclectic musical tastes. Our products are about creating sound so lifelike you might think the artist is performing a personal concert.

At core, we hold a set of unwavering corporate values that guide every aspect of our journey. We believe in the relentless pursuit of delivering the finest sound experience to our customers. We have made a commitment to learn from our customers, enriching our understanding of their needs. Our commitment extends beyond the transaction, as we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service that goes above and beyond. 
We embrace the philosophy of workmanship plus over-engineering, recognizing that our products are not just commodities that come and go, but integral components of people’s professions and lifestyles. Quality is non-negotiable – it’s an obsession, and we refuse to make compromises to the sonic integrity that our customers deserve. 
Materials matter, so we insist on using the highest quality materials, ensuring that our products stand the test of time and deliver exceptional performance. Comfort and luxury also belong in our products. Comfort i obvious, but luxury goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about the customer’s ability to repair and rejuvenate our equipment, prolonging the life of these trusted products.
In our hierarchy of priorities, people come first – both our customers and employees. The relationships we nurture drive us. They create smiles on peoples’ faces and satisfaction in their voices. Our values demand the products we create—pieces meticulously crafted with dedication and attention to detail. Yes, profits matter, but they are the byproduct of doing right by our people and our products, never the sole focus of our efforts.
Brand Basics
Heinz Electrodynamic Designs represents royalty in the realm of speakers and headphones – a true dynasty. The visionary patriarch behind the HEDD Audio brand – more formally known as Heinz Electrodynamic Designs – Klaus Heinz has dedicated more than half a century to the meticulous study and design of loudspeakers and headphones. 
The impact of Heinz’s loudspeaker developments, particularly with his patented air motion transformer (AMT) driver, has left an indelible mark on the current generation of speaker manufacturers. His visionary designs have been directly applied to or strongly echoed in the works of renowned names ADAM Audio, Eve Audio, Unity Audio, Elac, Presonus, and ESI, among others. The current leaders of loudspeaker design have literally grown up around Heinz innovations. 
The ethos of HEDD Audio remains to create the highest quality loudspeakers and headphones for professional and hi-fi applications. But our developments extend beyond the AMT driver and encompass groundbreaking advancements in port technology, the art of speaker linearization, and even further refinements of our own AMT driver, such as the Variable Velocity Transform (VVTTM) technique.