Liverpool Showcase – The 2Ube – featuring reviews of Tiger Factory, Silje and MaVe

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Taking inspiration from its iconic eighties namesake, the Channel Four Television programme, The Tube, Liverpool based music showcase The 2Ube offers an unrivalled opportunity to see and discover the most exciting emerging artists active on the north west’s vibrant music scene right now.
Based in LIPA Cafe, Liverpool Insititute for the Performing Arts, Mount Street, Liverpool, The 2Ube’s weekly showcase takes place each Friday from 5-7pm. The event features a diverse range of bands from across the north west.
On March 20th, the show will be live streamed on a designated YouTube channel, attracting viewers from all over the world as they gear up for the main event, the annual 2Ube Extra Festival which is set to attract viewers to its live stream from all over the world. This year The 2Ube Extra Festival begins on April 15th and runs until April 23rd, featuring four bands each night, together with exclusive interviews and performances with some of the most respected figures in the music industry.
Three such artists are Tiger Factory, Silje and MaVe. Each have released singles which have different sounds but highlight a great diversity of talent which is highlighted through each song’s excellent arrangement and production. Silje was featured in the February showcase which is embedded above.

Tiger Factory – King of the World Great piano to open the song accompanied by solid drumming and a great guitar riff. The song has a great laid back vibe from the guitar riff and vocals contrasted against the more uptempo chorus which has great singalong qualities. There are some great subtle background effects too.
Silje – Be You Really great opening to the song, a glitchy / choppy guitar, drums and synth. The song has a great pop vibe with a pumping sound and subtle glitch elements. The vocals are excellent, they’re sweet and bouncy but create a great edge too. A really good positive vibe.
MaVe – Feed my Hunger Really sparse percussive sounds to open the song which creates a dark feel. The vocals are great and really add to the tension. Great layering of sounds building to a more uptempo chorus which really highlights the vocal qualities. Great build and release of tension.