You are currently viewing Loopmasters and Loopcloud launch #Stayinspired – free plugins, tutorials and sounds

Loopmasters and Loopcloud launch #Stayinspired – free plugins, tutorials and sounds

Following April’s #StayInCreate initiative, Loopmasters have teamed up with their friends at Plugin Boutique, Pulsar Audio, W.A Production, Baby Audio & Producertech to bring you another giveaway of Free Plugins, Courses and Sounds to help producers everywhere to #StayInspired.

Producers can find out more and access these deals from the Loopcloud Blog.

Free Sounds: Loopcloud gives you access to 4 million sounds right inside your DAW, in tempo and in key with your current project. Start a free trial of Loopcloud’s Studio plan and you’ll get an Exclusive 1GB Stay Inspired Vocal Pack, 1GB Welcome Pack, up to 750 free samples per month, plus over 300 points to spend on sounds which you’ll get to keep even if you cancel your trial period.

Free Courses: Producertech’s All Access Membership gives users unlimited access to 400+ hours of tutorials, over 10GB of Loopmasters samples, hundreds of projects and presets, plus written notes and assessments. While all this usually costs £9.99 per month, Producertech is extending their free access period (usually 14 days) by an extra three months, helping you to kick your tracks up a gear with expert tutorials and resources.

Free Plugin: Usually £25, I Heart NY by Baby Audio gives you that punchy, powerful sound without setting up parallel routing in your DAW. The Spank control lets you add an extra edge to the parallel compression process, heating up your audio even further.

Free Plugin: Vocal Splitter is a plugin for turning mono vocals into thick, modern-sounding stereo ready to add to a track. Not only have W.A Production taken a classic effect applied to vocals and made it easier to perform, but they’ve also added more customisation into the bargain.

Free Plugin: Smasher by Pulsar Audio is a plugin emulation of the legendary Urei 1176 compressor. This effect can give you an explosive sound on a drum bus, add body and sustain to a snare sound, and bring out the bite in a bass guitar.