inflexions 004 is a mix somewhere between house, garage and minimal

inflexions 003 is a one-take, live recorded dark ambient, experimental, minimal tech mix

oneiropolisi – the live set is a long form improvisation of a song of my latest album, chronikos

Cities and Memory Sacred Spaces – Long form mix is an experimental / dark ambient mix

the presence of loyalty and dissent is somewhere between an experimental, ambient techno, glitch and minimal mix

Terranean Recordings – Choice of No Choice submission long form dark ambient mix

inflexions 002 is an #Electronic mix with hints of #ambient #glitch #experimental

Inflexions 001 is a mix with a minimal tech sound #mixcloud

Dreamscape II is the second ambient / downtempo mix featuring a Q&A with William S Burroughs

The Fair Unknown is an ambient, experimental, avant-garde mix inspired by ‘The Man Who Sought’ by Dion Fortune

New Frontiers is a bit of an ambient techno experimental mix

Ambient/downtempo mix using a Q&A with William S Burroughs : “Dreamscape (01/04/16)”

Naviarhaiku 115 – different perspectives an experimental ambient mix

La Luna EP mix

Backwaters – a glitchy, glitch hop, dub mix

Tech Explorations II – mixtape