Although I didn’t realise at the time, this blog originated on 30 October 1989 with the release of Joe Satriani’s Flying in a Blue Dream album.
It was a few months before I became aware of the album.  In the days before satellite / cable music channels, there was only a one hour ‘heavy metal’ fix available on the ITV programme Raw Power.  It was shown at about 3am so had to be videoed for watching later.
There were often some dodgy glam and/or speed metal bands, interviews, so some episodes were much better than others. This one particular show had a video from someone I’d not heard of before.  It started with a cat in a window.  A scantily clad woman at the top of some stairs threw a lead down which was plugged into an amp which rolled into an alley, swiftly followed by Joe Satriani.  It was unlike anything I’d heard before.  Big Bad Moon.  At that moment, I was inspired.
And Flying in a Blue Dream (on cassette) was just the beginning.

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