Review of 3dtorus – Return to Inner Membrania album

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This is one of 3 recent releases from 3dtorus, the other two being The Bass Tape and Solomon and Sheba with a fourth, Lectrodub, to follow very shortly on 21st November.
Return to Inner Membrania is a great album which combines elements of techno and dub very well. The production is spot on, great layering of sounds and percussion sounds are brilliant and very well used, often having a natural organic feel against the more techno sounds. There’s also a bit of an edge to the album which really attracts and holds your attention.
Announcement There is a great percussive opening to this song with a subtle bass. It has a really nice dub delay effect too. The song builds really well and has a great vibe.
Take Off A great rhythmic opening, percussive elements are used really well. The song has a great melody and is really well produced.
New Shores Another song with a great percussive opening, the bass and sound effects build really nicely. The song has a great vibe, the gnarly bass gives the song a great edge, it has quite hypnotic qualities.
Into the Woods Has a great opening groove which is maintained throughout the song. There is also a tension which builds really well.
Esmeralda Great metallic sounds for the intro to the song which is propelled by a solid bassline. There is great layering of sounds and use of delay.
Clouds Above Continues with a similar sort of metallic hit percussive sound, building a bassline and synth sounds. Again there is great layering of sounds and production of the song.
Plain Food Great bassline to open the song with a really nice percussive backing. The lead synth has a great sound with really nice use of delay. The song maintains a great groove.
Path on Fire Great percussive rhythm with delay, the bass builds gradually. Some great acid synth type sounds create a great groove.