You are currently viewing Review of ‘A Fixed Point’ album by Petridisch on I Heart Noise label

Review of ‘A Fixed Point’ album by Petridisch on I Heart Noise label

This album was released in the I Heart Noise label back in June, the CD and cassette have sold out but the digital version is still available.

I really like how this album is difficult to define in terms of style, which gives it such a great sound.

The arrangements and layering are excellent, there are contrasting ambient / uptempo elements and subtle unexpected chord changes which add a great tension and often an edge to the songs.

The Unknown Rabbit
A great edge of tension to the song from drone bass, synth and swirling pad which has vocal qualities. The drumming pattern gives a momentum leading into an organ riff which adds a great tension with vocal background sounds.

In the Red
Opening vocals have an ethereal slightly disconcerting quality. There’s a great contrast between the laid back kick rhythm and more uptempo arp.

Operation Interlude
There’s a contrast between the ambience of the pad sounds, synth and more uptempo drumming pattern. A subtle edge of tension too which works really well.

In the Black
Opening vocals have a great tension to them accompanied by bass and synth riff. The song is quite edgy and has a great flow.

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