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Review of Advice to Hill Walkers album by E-Gone on Sunrise Ocean Bender

This album slipped through the net somewhat being released back in 2016 but its well worthy of your attention.

It’s available on CD for US customers from Sunrise Ocean Bender and also CD / digital version from E-Gone’s bandcamp page, embedded above.

It’s not an easy one to describe, sitting somewhere between psychedelic, electronica and folk with a heavy Eastern influence. What makes it so good is the way that the music draws you in and then takes you somewhere else. The Eastern vibe is present in many of the songs but it also conjures up images of France, being lost on a mountain, and even a TV program theme where you even start imagining the opening credits and characters.

I’m not sure what all of the instruments used are, there seems to be sitar, banjo, harmonium type sounds as well as guitars, synths, drums and natural percussion – all of which blend and fuse together seamlessly.

Mark the Spot Where you Leave the Injured
An almost Celtic feel to the opening with a drone, swirling background sound, string riff and subtle percussion. There’s a brooding quality to the song with a great tension.

Your Goal is to Know Everything and Say Nothing
Picked riff and natural percussion is given solid momentum by the bassline, its an Eastern infused groove with superb build and release of tension, the organ adds a solid 60s psych vibe.

Follow Moonmilk Rivers
An uptempo feel with a solid groove from drumming, natural percussion, bass and guitar. Great variety of sounds and nice changes of feel, the song has excellent jam qualities.

Build your Camp out of Alpine Moss
Drone to open with subtle movement, there’s a distorted / bit crushed drone type sound too. The guitar riff has a mysterious almost menacing feel at times. Superb building of tension and some great sound effects.

Dwell in Tents by Day, Hike at Random
A choppy sounding riff to open leads into a dub vibe. Guitar lead line and shimmering chords give great changes in feel. The lead organ is an excellent element, it suits the song really well. Some subtle sound effects too with great use of delay.

Fast Before Stalker Season
A dub vibe to the opening with psychedelic sound effects, great interplay between synth lead and a banjo type of sound. Great evolution with some acid sounding synths, it has an Eastern feel at times too.

You Don’t Know it Yet but We Are Losing You
An Eastern feel to the opening with uptempo riff, natural percussion and bass drone. An urgency to the sound.

Find New Methods for Compass Use
Opens with a field recording of rain, an emerging drone creates a great contrast against the field recording. Nice release of tension towards the end as the drone fades out.

Bring Ice and Rope
Great momentum to the opening from drumming, nice tension from drone and sound effects complimented by strings and picked riff.

Record the Humming of Melodious Caves
An excellent jam quality to this song with shimmery guitar, banjo sounding riff, natural percussion, subtle synth lead and a guitar lead. It has a solid groove with an air of mystery.

Continue Your Ascent Blindfolded
Shimmery trem guitar with synth riff and slow bass, there’s a jazzy feel to the song, it could easily be the theme tune to a TV show, it conjures up images of something mysterious or intriguing.

Reach the Summit, Egg
A slow opening with drones, lead organ and sitar type of sound. It’s a captivating sound, great movement and build / release of tension with a range of riffs and lead lines evolving and leading into an ambience with an edge of tension with a slow release.

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