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Review of 'Agent Z Saves the World' compilation album on Factory Fast Records

There’s a great vibe to this album, a full on indie rock feel with uptempo riffing and some great soloing whilst a really good contrast is provided by stoner rock and rock and roll influences too. I love the heavy feel to this album which maintains a great drive and energy throughout.
The Garage Batz – I Never Thought
Nice bass riff to open leading into a great riff propelled by solid drumming. Vocals have a great energy. There’s nice changes in feel and great solos too. Great effects to ends with.
The Poulsons – Darker Dreams
A great drive and energy to this song which has a grunge / stoner feel. There’s also some great uptempo riffing and heavily processed vocals with an out of body feel to them and a really nice solo too.
Dianetics – Cognitive Dissonance
Great reverse guitar to open, creates a great chilled vibe then comes the surprise – a really heavy riff and intense drumming accompanied by some great harmonised lead lines. There’s a nice change in feel with the drumming, vocals are more spoken and I’m not sure if it’s a quote from a film but it’s interspersed with great solos, changes in feel and even a saxophone part.
The Pacers – Highs and Lows
This song has a kind of stoner rock feel, slightly distorted riffing and laid back vocals – there’s almost a surf rock feel at times too. It’s a great vibe.
Wild Horse – None For Me
Distorted jangly riff and chords to open leading into more of a chord vamp feel with great vocals which have a spoken style which really suits the song. A great vibe to this song too, there’s great playing to let loose but still retain control.
The Windsor Project – Never Coming Home
This song has solid drumming to open and propel the song with harmonised lead lines followed by heavy riffing, great vocals and excellent solos too. The song has a great intensity at times with really nice build and release of tension.
Disappearer – Goodnight Mr Frankenstein
This song has distorted guitar with great effects to open, drumming has great effects too providing a solid backbone. There’s a nice change of feel to a jangly riff and uptempo strumming. The vocals have a real ethereal feel, a great vibe.
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