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Review of 'Alt Country Armor' Compilation on Factory Fast Records

With an excellent range of songs from blues, folk, country to rock and roll, this compilation has excellent story telling, great acoustic guitar playing with fiddle, lap steel and blues harp too which really adds to the sound. The vocals are excellent too, often with an edge of sadness or tension which is really captivating.
Melting Pot – Sneaking into Heaven
This song has a great opening riff leading into a real bluesy groove. Percussion is subtle but works really well. Vocals are great with some excellent harmonies and nice edge of tension. The song has a great vibe with nice changes in feel. There’s also an excellent solo which has a touch of lap steel.
Tom Brooksby (feat. Jackson Brooksby) – Half Way Home
I really like the blues harp opening leading into an acoustic riff with a second acoustic guitar arranged really well. The vocals have a great folk / blues quality to them with some great harmonies. There’s a really nice solo too.
Julie Gibb – The Spirit Song
A real country feel to this song with excellent interplay between violin, bass, lap steel and piano. The vocals are gorgeous, edged with sadness which creates a great tension.
Tokyo Rosenthal – Mister Tell Me Bout The Great Depression
There’s a real driving feel to the opening of this song which maintains a similar momentum throughout. There’s great fiddle playing, really good riffing and solid vocals with a nice edge of tension. The song has really good changes in feel too.
Gene P Kelly – Whiskey Love
There’s a great rock and roll vibe to this song which has excellent riffing propelled by solid drumming and bass. The song has great vocals, telling the story really well. There’s a great solo too.
Matt Davis – Take It From Me
A strummed riff, lap steel and vocals to open with, the song has a sparse arrangement which is really well done. The vocals are really good, having an edge of lonesome about them. The song has some excellent guitar playing, subtle lead lines are played really well.
Johnny Hate – Farewell Not to be Back
This song has a kind of ballad feel, 2 acoustic guitar riffs interplay really well with a lap steel providing a great contrast with shimmering chords too. The song builds tension slowly with just a hint of distortion at times and a great solo too.
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