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Review of 'Analog Punk' by Microchip Junky (including Wired radio show special)

This is a review of the 6 track preview, there are an additional 6 further tracks available after purchase. A CD with 20 tracks is also available.
Analog Punk is a superb release. It was recorded on analogue hardware with a punk DIY attitude which really shines through. There’s a great intensity and raw, edgy vibe but also an attention to detail resulting in songs that have great sounds and layering with excellent production without being over-polished.
The basslines are often distorted and dirty with a great movement in the sound that gives a solid momentum. Syncopation is used to great effect and there are some brilliant synth sounds. There’s a brooding almost seething tension at times but most impressively, the resulting songs are so much greater than the sum of their parts.
Analog Punk
This song has a brilliant intro, a great sound effect leads into a dirty bassline with a tight percussive rhythm. There’s some great 8-bit type sounds too. The vocals work really well, they have a great attitude.
Who Stole My Chips
A great opening again, the bassline syncopates really well and has brilliant motion in the sound. The thumping kick drum gives a sense of urgency and I really like the delayed lead sound which adds a great contrast. The song is really well layered and excellently produced to create a great vibe without over-polishing the sound.
Dirty Electronic
There are some great sounds to open and the bass and kick drum create a great urgency with other sounds building really well through syncopation and layering. There’s also an excellent build and release of tension.
Swire of Tintwistle
This is a really edgy song, it’s lyrics are quite abstract and a bit out there at times but it really draws you in and is engrossing at the same time. The song has a real brooding tension, great synth sounds and bassline and an excellent momentum from the drumming. The vocals are spoken with a real edge.
Swagger (No Profanity)
This song opens with a filtered synth bass drone and simple kick rhythm with a great change in feel and movement to the bass sound. I really like the synth lead which adds a great contrasting element. There’s excellent layering and use of delay too.
If you’d like to know more about Microchip Junky there’s an excellent interview by Wired’s Keith Whitham on The New Music Directory website which you can read here.
There was also an Analog Punk special of Keith’s Wired radio which is embedded below:

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