Review of Analogue Wave – Casimir album (release date 26/09/14)

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Analogue Wave are Dublin based duo Del (vocals) and Gint (production) who formed in 2012. Casimir is their second album and is, to put it simply, outstanding.
It’s really well produced, has great vocals and synth sounds and great sound layering. There is often great blending of styles, sometimes within the same song. Many of the songs have an edge and/or tension to them and Analogue Wave describe the album as having a ‘harder, darker sound’. For me this is because there’s a lot of experience and often pain in the lyrics which come through the vocals and not only that, you can really relate to these experiences which is what makes Casimir such an outstanding album.
It was financed by a successful ‘Fund It’ campaign and has been produced and released by Analogue Wave with a release date of 26th September (catalogue number TW1203) which is a day before the anniversary of their debut release n.l.g.W.v.
I Feel Hollow feat. The Resistance Choir This is a great opening song. It has great layering of sounds and the use of the choir in the chorus works brilliantly. There’s a great momentum to this song, the vocals have an edge to them and the song has a great simmering tension. You can preview / buy this track now on bandcamp, it’s embedded above.
Salo Has really good sound effects leading to a solid beat. Again there’s an edge and tension to the song.
Dead Cat Bounce Another great intro to this song, it has a really great vibe. There is great layering of sounds and there are subtle dub and middle eastern sound influences which work really well.
Scatter This song has a different feel to the previous ones and is an instrumental. It opens with a brilliant bassline and there is a great reggae / dub quality to the song. Just when you get lulled into a really chilled vibe, the song picks up momentum into a great groove to round out the song.
Levan There are great synth sounds on this song, a really good blending of different elements and styles which works really well.
Profit Again great sounds and there’s a really great reggae vibe to this song.
Half Light This song has a more industrial feel to the opening, it has great momentum and again great layering and vocals.
It’s Never Free There is a great percussive opening to this song which uses great sounds which are really well layered. The song has an edge and tension to it.
Deireadh This song has great percussion and bass / synth sounds. It maintains a drive and that’s a nice touch with the vocals.
Solution This song has a completely different feel to it being more uptempo with reggae elements. Again there is great sound layering which creates a nice tension in the song which builds and releases really well.
Sustain This song has great layering of different elements and sounds, it has a solid groove with momentum. Nice edge to the song.