Review of 'Ancestors' album by Cartesian Jetstream

Cartesian Jetstream
I really like the positive vibe of this album, Cartesian Jetstream have a great sound, the bass and drumming is excellent and provides a solid backbone. It’s great to see the bass take prominence at times too. The guitar playing is excellent, a great range of tones from clean and jangly to distorted and a great range of riffs and solos too. The vocals are also excellent having a laid back feel creating a great vibe and there are excellent harmonies too.
Ancestors This song has a great riff to open, bass propels the song and drumming / percussion gives a great momentum. There are really good harmonies and a great vibe to the song. The vocals suit the style of the song really well and there’s a nice change of feel for the chorus.
Limousines A different feel but a similar vibe, bass and drumming provide a solid backbone. The guitar playing has really good riffs and chord vamps with nice variation in tone from jangly to more distorted. The vocals have a softer spoken feel which suits the song really well.
Celebrities A great uptempo riff with solid drumming and bass again. The vocals are excellent with really good harmonies. Great riffs again, really nice variation in tone and riff style.
Invisible Ink A great harp type sound to open, there’s more of a vamp feel from the chord style. There are really good distorted solo lines. Excellent vocals again, the song has a great vibe.
Foxes Great drumming and a cross between an organ and feedback sound to open, guitar has a great distorted tone converting to a more jangly tone for riffs during the verse. There are some really nice vocal harmonies, again the bass, drumming and percussion provide a solid backbone.
Ashes There’s a great jangly, slightly distorted riff to open propelled by solid drumming and bass again. The vocals are excellent with some great harmonies. There are really nice changes in feel with guitar solos and there’s a good variety of tones again.
Transparent Eyelids There’s a great tremelo organ type sound propelled by solid bass and drumming again. The guitar has a great variety of riffs and chord vamps through the song, some really nice changes of feel too.
Molten Tin Great feedback and delay to open, quite a jangly guitar riff. The chords have a slight vamp feel and there’s some great distorted guitar layered really well. Solid bass and drumming and some really nice harmonies again too.
Slightly Real There’s an uptempo feel to the opening riff and great swirling background sounds. A great chord vamp, the song has an edgy feel at times with a nice build and release of tension. Again solid bass and drumming to give great momentum and there are some great effects on the vocals at times. A really good vibe to the song.
Splinters A great synth sound to open, really nice jangly riff propelled by bass and drumming. The song has quite a laid back feel, a chilled vibe at times. Great vocals and harmonies again.
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