Review of Anthroprophh – U.F.O. album on Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL034)

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Sometimes the weirdest things happen in the most unlikely of places. From the 1950s up to the mid 1980s, some of the outlying areas of the UK bore witness to some high strangeness in the form of UFO visitations. Although, save for witness testimony, no recordings of these strange events were made on U.F.O., Anthroprophh (who consist of ex-Heads guitarist Paul Allen along with Big Naturals’ Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner) conduct a psychic survey of these sites and relay their findings in the only way they know how.
And that’s with the release of U.F.O., an excellent album which is effectively 2 long improvisations / jams full of great guitar playing, soundscapes, effects and percussion. Side A has great hypnotic qualities and excellent soundscapes whereas side B has a more intense, edgier sound.
It will be released by Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL034) on 02 February 2015 as a 500 Pressing with an OBI spine wrap, insert and download code. It will be available from Cardinal Fuzz online shop
A1 14.10.54 Southend on Sea Opens the album with a hovering ufo sound and a voice in the background (which to me sounds like a number station recording) which sets the tone perfectly. A cymbal wash provides sparse percussion and the song builds the rhythm slowly and a guitar improvisation develops towards the end of the song.
A2 17.7.55 Bexleyheath Develops this theme into a groove with solid rhythm, great riffing and soloing. Excellent tone, great effects and feedback create an excellent soundscape.
A3 13.8.56 Lakenheath This song is more about the effects and soundscape, percussion is less pronounced building slowly towards the end.
A4 4.4.57 West Freugh Has great drumming and sound effects, really good layering which creates a great tension released at the end.
A5 19.5.65 Warminster Builds tension excellently through a drone and sound effects, again a great soundscape. Great use of feedback and delay towards the end of the song building an excellent tension to round the song out.
B1 28.4.67 Brixham Sparse riffs to open the song, quite a stark tone with some great edgy feedback. Percussion is also fairly sparse, building a gradual crescendo accompanied by feedback which gives way to more defined percussion and more great soloing.
B2 26.10.67 Owermoigne Sound effects and drums provide an urgency to the sound. The sound effects fade and further effects / feedback emerge building a great tension.
B3 23.1.74 Berwyn Mountain Has a glitchy / circuit bent feel to the opening, with the vocal transmission again in the background. Percussion then enters to provide momentum, the song has some great feedback and sound effects.
B4 22.9.74 Weedon Bec Has a kind of pad sound to open the song which fades giving way to percussion and a slightly discordant riff. There is a great edge to the song, some really good distorted tones and feedback sounds.