Review of Archives Vol. II: Live Roughs by The Myrrors

This is two fuzz-drenched, in-the-red live documents from the early years of the band’s second incarnation (2014-2015). This release is an extremely limited-edition, handmade lathe record, cut on vintage, re-furbished machines by Lock Grooves, part of Tucson’s renowned Lathe Cut Collective. These records are each made individually, locally, and in real time and are perhaps to be thought of more as art pieces than conventional 45s. 

Lock Grooves say “these records do not always play well on all turntables, especially cheap turntables without a weighted tonearm. However, they have all been play tested to make sure that they track on a properly weighted record player. Lighter tonearm weight and neutral anti-skating works best. Sometimes the needle will get caught in between the grooves and sound awful. You can usually gently nudge the needle sideways into the bottom of the groove, which should fix the problem. Inexpensive players with red cartridges/needles in particulars tend to have more problems than professional cartridges.  Please keep in mind that these are not nearly as high-fidelity as conventional vinyl records, but will not damage your needle!”

Unfortunately the limited run of 30 has long since sold out, however the digital version embedded at the top of this review is available from The Myrrors Bandcamp page.

These are two excellent tracks. Saturnus Ringar is a cover of the track by
Swedish underground legends Älgarnas Trädgård. An evolving drone and sound effects to open create an edge of tension broken perfectly by a distorted guitar lead that has an ethereal presence. Drumming and bass add momentum. It’s an edgy sounding song building tension to a final release.

Eyes of Copper (Excerpt) has an excellent laid back groove to open, the riffing, lead and drumming create a chanting kind of feel. It has a superb build and release of tension.