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Review of 'Back to Pike Place' EP by Angeline

This is a superb EP, it has a great ethos which Angeline describes: “It was made at home using whatever we had around us. The purpose was not to be limited by money that I don’t have, finding a way of creating songs with whatever is around me.”
I also really like the use of field recorded sounds, they add a really interesting element to the EP. The songs have excellent arrangements, simple but brilliantly done. It’s quite hard to describe, Angeline in essence is a singer songwriter and a great singer, beautiful vocals, especially in French but they also have a slightly haunting quality at times too. Some of the percussion sounds are excellent, struck or impact sounds from objects found at home in addition to more usual drum sounds works really well.
Is a great introduction to the EP, a field recording of bird sounds.
Black Butterflies
A great acoustic riff and natural percussion to open, vocals are beautiful with some lovely harmonies. A repeating vocal ‘hmmm’ sound adds a great rhythmic element and there’s use of a similar technique later in the song too. Really nice change in feel for the chorus, the song has a great vibe.
Si J’avais Le Choix
Great percussion and synth sound to open, bass adds a great momentum. I really like the change of feel for the verse, a stripped back feel with piano and vocals sung in French which gives a real sensual and captivating feel. There’s an edge of sadness at times and a great build of tension to a final release.
While I Was Away
I really like the opening, it’s almost like a conversation against the backdrop of a rainstorm. The arrangement is superb, subtle bassline with beautifully harmonised vocals and a great string sound, percussion adds a great momentum with a strummed guitar riff. Excellent layering and building of the song.
The song opens with great percussion and vocals used like a synth sound to create a melody. Vocals are excellent again, some lovely harmonies. The song has a great edge to it, there’s a great build and release of tension with excellent layering of sounds. Really nice change of feel towards the end, the song takes on a middle eastern feel.
In fact this song was written to pay tribute to Nepal. Angeline used a Nepalese friend’s testimony. “Knowing how much suffering the earthquake caused I decided to give away the song in return for donations via All funds go to the D.E.C charity for Nepal”.
Ghost Dance
A brilliant guitar riff to open playing bass and chords. Vocals are beautiful with an edge of sadness, the song has haunting qualities. There’s a really nice change in feel with background sounds and a more defined rhythm.
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