Review of Bahia Part II single by The Shy Lips

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Formed in early 2012, the band was the brainchild of singer Adam and bassist Victor during travels in Europe and South America. The Shy Lips became reality when Adam and Viktor recruited Anton and Alexander in the vibrant music city of Gothenburg. After just six months as a band The Shy Lips had their first EP out on the streets, played the biggest clubs in Gothenburg and were receiving national radio airplay.
Since April 2014, the band have made legendary Svenska Grammofonstudion their recording studios of choice. The attention generated by their last couple of singles (‘She Was Born in Bahia’ and ‘That’s Where I Belong’) has brought The Shy Lips more national airplay in countries across Europe as well as attention from some of America’s coolest underground independent radio stations; the boys are taking their success in their stride though. According to vocalist Adam “it’s all about keeping it simple, so simple it gets hard to understand what the thing is. You just know The Shy Lips got it…”
There’s a great groove to this song, it has an excellent energy and momentum. The Shy Lips have a great sound, as a band they’re really tight knit but still have a great edge. Their sound is infectious and sweeps you along – chances are you’ll be dancing or singing along by the end of the song. More likely both.
The opening riff really sets the scene, an excellent tone and great groove joined by bass and solid drumming which propels the song along. The vocals suit the style of the song really well with some really nice harmonies. The chorus ups the tempo a bit and has great singalong qualities. There’s also a nice break with a funk style bassline and a great simmering feel which builds tension really well into another chorus which is followed by an excellent solo with great vocal harmonies and there’s a great chord vamp to round the song out.
Bahia Part II is out now (released yesterday, 4th May), I’ve embedded the official video above.