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Review of ‘Beings from the Origins’ by Nicholas Picciotto on Submarine Broadcasting Company

This album is really hard to define. Nicholas blends often contrasting elements creating a dynamic and engaging album. It’s very cleverly done, just when you think that a song is going to have a certain feel there will be movement or a change in vibe – often really subtle so you don’t notice straightaway. It has cinematic qualities, like a soundtrack that let’s you imagine the film in your head.

Beings from the Origins

Opens with an ominous dark ambient vibe leading into pulsing synths with layered arps, strings and percussion creating subtle movement and a reflective ambience. Great change in feel to a more urgent and edgy vibe to end.

Ancient traveller

A floaty feel to the opening propelled by percussion given momentum by layered synth, bass and effects. Great contrast between the edgy driving percussion and more laid back feel of the synths.

Thoth and the Emerald Tablets

Edgy swirling feel from delayed percussion and subtle emerging synth leading. Great changes in feel from driving momentum to a more laid back and brooding sound. A great tension.

Love at First Site

Delayed percussion to open, trumpet is an excellent and unexpected element. The late night jazz vibe blends seamlessly into a massive – epic synth part that itself leads into an ambience with a solo for a final release.

Let There Be Light Again

Edgy bass with delayed, swirling synth sounds to open, an excellent contrast with driving percussion. The song has a great build and release of momentum, combining a driving synth vibe with release to a more ambient vibe.

Stop the Rush

Subtle ambience contrasts with metallic sounding synth effects. Bass and percussion give a great momentum. There’s an edgy feel to song and a great contrast between the ambient elements and more upfront ones.


A superb techno feel to this song, great layering with excellent changes in vibe from driving techno to a more ambient techno vibe and hits of old school rave in there too.

Underground Lofty

A dark ambient, edgy feel to the opening with ominous dark strings, booming kick and background effects. Bass, percussion and synth give momentum and movement and contrast against the ambient elements. Superb change in feel with the solo. 

For You Jonas My Son

Ambience from birds contrasts with very edgy sound effects and growly bass. Excellent layering of vocals and ambience against harsher elements. Great build of momentum. 

The Law of One

An ethereal, floaty feel to the opening, subtle movement and evolution of an ambient soundscape to a final release. 

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