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Review of ‘Bingo Halls’ album by Annie & The Station Orchestra on Bearsuit Records

There’s a brilliant sound to this album, it’s very atmospheric and difficult to describe in terms of a genre but is somewhere between indie, synthpop and shoegaze.

The songs are excellently arranged with great layering and use of contrasting elements. There’s some excellent distorted guitar and synth sounds and great use of effects too.

This has quite an uptempo, edgy opening with distorted guitar. There’s a great variety in drumming and synth lead sounds with excellent layering. There’s a great vibe to this song, it has a kind of improvised call and response feel. This whistling section adds an excellent change in feel.

King of the Idiots
There’s an atmospheric opening with synth and delayed effects and bagpipes in the background leading into a kind of indie synth wave sound which builds through the song to a final release.

The Arms of Morphine
This song has an ominous sounding opening with drone and processed vocals. The kick pattern has a distorted, industrial feel. The upbeat feel of the synth lead contrasts with this really well. Excellent layering again with vocals and background sounds.

Here Come the Bears
A sparse opening with accordion, vocals and sparse percussion, the drumming pattern and synth enter to give a great dub feel. I really like the laid back groove and vocals.

The Return of Banjo Williamson
This song has a string type of sound to open leading into an indie vibe with excellent distorted guitar riff. There’s great layering with a synth riff which gives just a hint of dissonance.

Song for the Invalid Drivers
A classical guitar to open with synth and subtle distorted guitar, the sound develops through the song which has a Celtic feel at times.

Bicycle Jane
The opening reminds me of a Hawaiian type of sound, maybe it’s the portamento on the synth. The song has a kind of pensive feel. Propelled by drumming there’s an excellent build and release of tension with really nice changes in feel.

Blithering Idiot
Great piano, tremelo guitar and bass to open, the song has a slow pensive feel with a great change when the drumming and distorted guitar enter.

The Alsatian, Satan
An arp and kick pattern create an excellent tension, the layered vocals work really well. There’s an edgy feel from distortion / vinyl sounds and an emerging distorted riff increases the tension with looping vocals and percussive sounds.

To Bingo Halls
Electric piano and bass open the song with a delayed synth riff creating an excellent atmosphere with a really nice change to a more uptempo feel when the drums and distorted guitar riff enter.

Out of Time
Opens with excellently processed percussive sounds giving an industrial feel which contrasts really well with the synth sound. Great layering of distorted guitar which sits subtly in the mix and the song rounds out the album really well.


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