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Review of Blindspot by Jonblund on Bricolage

This is a superb EP, it has an ambience but with an edge, there’s a hint of glitch and a minimalism at times. I really like how it’s immersive listening, crafted with superb sounds and brilliantly layered, it’s an EP that grabs your attention and keeps you engaged.

My Calendar is Two Years out of Date

A very atmospheric, minimal groove with bass, delayed percussion, arp and layered synth sounds. It’s a reflective piece with subtle movement. 

Collapsed Stars

Layered arps and glitchy percussion create an edgy feel.  Layers of pads, synths and percussion build a superb groove and give a looping quality. 

Where the Sun Swallows the Moon

A sparse synth lead to open, the song builds with a percussive rhythm and bass.  There’s an edgy ambience and a minimalism at times.  I really like how it’s such an engaging song.

Growing the Wrong Fruit

An edgy, glitchy feel to the opening. It’s a kind of minimal ambient glitch vibe from layered percussion, sound effects and synths.

Lie Down and Be Counted

A synth lead to open, percussion suggests momentum but instead there’s a release to ambience with layered synths.  Very clever use of percussion to give momentum and build to a final release. 

Collapsed Stars (Fragile X 'Constellations' Remix)

This is a great remix, it has an emphasis on percussion and drum elements that give a soild backbone for layered synths and arps.