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Review of Buck II: Where Do You Want it? by Buck Young on No Rent Records

This is an excellent album, it feels like a ride across America through deserts, small town drunken episodes and a return to the wild west.

There’s an ambience to the album but also an uneasy feel from choppy, looping elements that often have a glitched or broken feel. 

Woke Up In Reno

An edgy opening from looping riff and chords, glitchy background sounds add a great element, really harsh at times. If that’s what’s it’s like to wake up in Reno, not sure I want to go. 

Heist (Barrel Tonk for Nancarrow)

A scene from a western with a gunfight, staccato, choppy looping piano riff and glitch for good measure.

Stop Motion Mississippi

Slide guitar riff with looping piano chord, there’s a great contrast between the laid back ambience of the guitar and urgency of the piano chord. Excellent use of loopers and nice return to a glitchy loop of ‘Heist’ and what sounds like a quote from a film. 


Growly bass rumble to open, birds and continuation of ‘Heist’ / film loop interspersed with extreme noise / distortion. 

It Is What It Is (Incorporated)

Slide guitar riff, it has looping and detuned qualities that are used to create almost rhythmic elements. An excellent contrast to Twister. 

Quiet on the Frontier

A looping slide guitar riff with pauses to create rhythmic elements and detuning  creating an edgy feel that contrasts with a superb sounding slide riff. 

Ballad of Bruce McClain

It’s a superb arrangement of slightly over driven guitar playing western infused bass / chords / riff with harmonised vocals telling an excellent small town tale. Beware the whisky. 

Reclusive Kingdom

A looping, choppy guitar riff leads into a clean loop, similarly processed.  It’s a theme through the song with various processing. 

Long Distance Phone Call

An acoustic country song with superb harmonies, it’s a tale about a break up and the subsequent drunken phone call. 


A broken, choppy riff, looping qualities and an ambience that’s quite unsettling. 


A distorted riff with looping qualities, layered sounds give a captivating ambience yet equally it’s unsettling and edgy with a haunting and trippy feel to a welcomed, slow release. 

Bell Jar of Whisky

A lonesome vibe to this song with acoustic guitar and vocals that have a huge presence at times. It’s a drunken tale of heartache and despair. 

Gunslinger’s Lurk

A field recording of someone outside, an unspecified location but you hear insects, dogs and presumably the gunslinger preparing for something, leading into a looping radio type of broadcast. It creates an anticipation, a sense of foreboding. 

Where Do You Want It

Slide guitar with a glitchy, edgy, looping feel accompanied by a narration, sounds like a conversation you’d hear in a film, it’s really unsettling. 

O’er The Years

Full sounding slide guitar riffs give an ambience with an edge of tension and a cautious optimism.