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Review of Calluna album by Sobria Ebrietas and Iliaque on TCFSR

What’s really interesting with this album is the use of Creative Commons music. The Iliaque project seeks to exploit the potential of CC music and explore the world through its use, most on this release are from TCFSR releases. 

What they’ve done is create a brilliant sounding EP that is very engaging. It’s extremely well crafted, there’s a laid back ambience with an edge, sometimes a bit lo-fi and glitchy whilst superbly atmospheric.


Opens with a sound like tuning in a radio leading into a lo-fi type of groove with drum loop and percussion. Atmosphere builds with synth and piano with just an edge of tension from layered static type sound. 

Iliaque - Reckingerhaff Wal

Lo-fi groove with looping qualities, spoken vocals add a great element. Really like the contrast between atmospheric synth and edgier layered sounds. 

Sobria Ebrietas - se.36-1

A brilliantly atmospheric track building with synth, bass, metallic type sounds and synth riff. Industrial percussive sounds give a great momentum. 

Iliaque - Uranus

Atmospheric opening given momentum by drum loop, it’s an edgy lo-fi kind of vibe.

Sobria Ebrietas - se.36-2

A tremolo riff and atmospheric vocal type sound are given momentum by drum loop. The song has a laid back groove with looping qualities releasing to a piano loop.

TCFSR started in the 1980s primarily to release the work of Except Buses, an experimental electronic music group, without compromise to label demands. We lay dormant for almost two decades before being re-activated to promote the work of tourmaline hum, solo projects by its members and a widening range of other artists.

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