You are currently viewing Review of Carousel by The Orange Kyte on Little Cloud Records (US / Canada) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK / Europe)

Review of Carousel by The Orange Kyte on Little Cloud Records (US / Canada) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK / Europe)

This is a superb album, it has infectious toe-tapping grooves, singalong qualities and a solid indie vibe infused with psych, ska / 2-tone and shoegaze elements. Production is spot on, it’s a modern style with a lo-fi retro vibe giving a very distinctive sound. Vocal processing is superb, giving a dreamy, hazy kind of feel. 

It was released on pink vinyl by Little Cloud Records (US / Canada) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK / Europe) – sold out.


A solid opening to the album, an uptempo indie vibe with a hint of two tone, it’s a foot tapping high energy groove. 

The Modern Day Saints

Opens with uptempo guitar riff and drumming releasing to a more laid back feel. It’s another solid groove with a vibe somewhere between indie, jangly pop and 60’s psych. 


A laid back acoustic sound to open, a kind of lonesome feel. It’s a slow groove with reflective qualities and subtly increasing distortion that adds an excellent edge. 

C. O. P

An uptempo groove with superb hook, it has a brooding quality with nice build and release of tension. Great change of feel towards the end. 

Little Death Balloon

Excellent vibe to this track, it’s a sound that’s really hard to describe, somewhere between 2-tone, ska and indie. Vocal processing gives a floaty, dreamy quality. 

Demonstration Garden

A jangly opening riff propelled by strumming, there’s a dream like quality to this track. A superb laid back vibe with singalong qualities, excellent vocal processing again. 

Infinity Rope

Uptempo garage rock vibe with hints of ska and 2-tone, vocals provide a contrasting laid back element. 

Sea of Love (Ocean of Hate)

Another uptempo groove, vocals have the characteristic dreamy quality providing a great contrast. Excellent singalong qualities. 


A pulsing opening leading into strummed chords, bass and drumming, it’s a laid back groove with just an edge of tension. Solo adds a great element. 

Captain Ron

Strummed chords lead into a high energy uptempo groove with a great release to a more laid back vibe. 

No More Christmas Blues

Drone, strummed chords, walking bassline and tambourine give a laid back groove with a nice change to a more uptempo feel. I really like the acoustic, stripped back feel with a Christmas vibe. The vocals have a natural, unprocessed quality.  

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