Review of ‘Caught in the Noise’ EP by Mod Exist on Uncle Bob’s Records

This was released a year ago back in February 2018 and has slipped through the net somewhat, however, it’s an excellent EP with a great diversity of electronic styles and influences from ambient dub, ambient techno to synth wave to industrial. 

It’s a really well produced EP with great layering and contrast between softer ambient sounds and harsher electronic bleeps and klangs.

Count Our Time in Threes

Opens with a kind of siren and metallic bang leading into a solid 4:4 kick rhythm. There’s excellent layering of atmospheric background sounds contrasting with harsher metallic elements and electronic bleeps and blips that creates a solid techno groove balanced against a dark ambient soundscape. 

The Meanwhile of Life

Opens with an arp giving an urgency and the slightly hectic feel remains through the song. A 4:4 kick rhythm provides a contrasting consistency. There’s acid / rave elements at times and again great layering to contrast harsher elements with more atmospheric ones. 

To All the Great People in the World

An edgy opening with layered background sounds, the 4:4 kick is subdued and has a tension against percussive sounds. There’s a dark / industrial vibe to the song, vocals really add to the atmosphere. 

Loneliness is the Most Beautiful Thing

Quite an uptempo opening from riff and drumming, there’s a tension, almost dissonance at times and the song has a great contrast between the lead synth and harsher metallic type sounds. The tension builds to a drum and bass sound releasing to an edgy ambience. 

Trips Like Sweets

An 80’s influenced song with an industrial edge, it has a great groove and solid vibe. The metallic percussion sounds are excellent and vocals have a robotic feel that really adds to the tension. 

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