Review of Chosen One compilation album on Factory Fast Records

This is an excellent compilation with some solid rock sounds, uptempo grooves, great chord vamps and a chillout track too. It has some excellent heavy, chugging riffs, great solos and excellent vocals too. I really like the straight-up rock vibe and no nonsense approach.
Those Delta Wolves – Hide and Seek
This song has great uptempo riffing and drumming to open with, leading into an excellent groove with a really heavy riff. The vocals are great, a really good presence and range holding notes superbly. There’s a really good solo too.
Bison Sound – I Remember
This song has a really good opening riff leading into a chugging riff which opens up really nicely. Great vocals, they have an edge of tension about them. There’s a great building and release of tension in the song too.
Disappearer – Stuck in a Loop
This song has more of an ambient feel to the opening, a great soundscape with really good jangly guitar. A nice change of feel creates an edge of tension. The delay effect on the drums works really well. There’s a great flow to the song with a great release of tension at the end.
Sons of Death Valley – Lucifer by Candlelight
Brilliant chord vamp feel to this song opening up the sound in the chorus. Really solid drumming and bass propel the song along with great vocals and there’s excellent riffing too.
Second Player Score – Chosen One
A great uptempo opening from riffing and solid drumming, really good vocals too leading into a change of feel with a jangly riff. There’s another great change of feel into the chorus too which has great singalong qualities. The vocals suit the style of the song really well.
Logaine – She Likes Me
Great riffing to open the song which is propelled by solid drumming and bass. There’s a great momentum to the song which has a solid rock sound and great brooding qualities opening up the sound in the chorus. There’s great lead guitar playing, it’s subtle sitting slightly in the background leading into a great solo.
Michael Daughtry – Devil
Another solid rock feel to this song, a nice change of feel from the opening into the verse with another nice change of feel into the chorus. Great rhythm guitar playing, really good changes in style. The vocals have some great harmonies.
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