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Review of Chutes and Ladders EP by ahem on Forged Artifacts

Chutes and Ladders will be released on Forged Artifacts on 22nd June on limited edition 100 cassette (with digital download) and digital download.

It’s a high energy, infectious EP full of solid grooves, high tempo riffing and brilliant vocals. There’s a great vibe to this release which has superb spirit and an excellent sound, it’s got that kind of punk attitude that captures the energy and cohesion of ahem without being too polished.

Air Supply
An infectious hook and groove propelled by solid drumming and bass, a more laid back feel to the verse with great vocal harmonies building momentum to the chorus maintaining the high energy to round out the song.

Snow Day
A strummed riff and chords to open creates a simmering tension with great vocals bursting into an uptempo groove propelled by drumming and bass that maintains a great energy with a release and building tension to the end of the song.

Blue Bird
Another great groove propelled by bass and drumming to open, it’s a high energy song with subtle but very effective changes in feel. There’s a solo towards the end of the song that builds tension, releasing to a subdued, strummed chorus before bursting back into a high energy finish.

The Lake
Another solid groove to open with more of a laid back feel, there’s a great momentum maintained throughout with an excellent vibe. Superb vocal harmonies again.

Heavy distorted guitar to open, verses have a more stripped back feel building to more distorted riffing for the chorus. An excellent brooding quality to the song with great changes in feel.