Review of Creatures of the Night Sampler on Factory Fast Records

Creatures of the Night

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Creatures of the night is the third ‘virtual vinyl’ sampler to be released by Factory Fast Records out of NYC. All four songs are mixed and mastered into one easily downloadable file. Virtual Vinyl means the songs are specifically engineered to sound like a record.
What’s really good about this sampler EP is that none of the artists fall into or rely on the ‘rock’ stereotype. And that’s a really good thing because it means that the indie spirit is alive and truly kicking. Whilst there is riffing, overdriven guitars and solid rhythm sections they each have a very individual sound and are well arranged without being overproduced.
Those very kind folks at Factory Fast have made Creatures of the Night available to my blog readers for a very special price of $2 (that’s about £1.65) using this special offer link

The first track by Vegas Death Rays opens the sampler with a great distorted tone and riff. Maintains a great groove and energy all the way through with some solid lead playing.

The second track by Death of a Rat is a bit more laid back and has a deconstructed feel to it, all of the elements are there but kind of separated out through the song.

The third track by The Oneneeders has a great opening groove maintained through the song, nice lead and riffing. Has a kind of garage band feel to it being well arranged and put together but not overproduced.

The fourth track by Fryfogle has a great opening tone and riff. The vocals sound almost disembodied. Great groove, Slightly laid back feel but sold rhythm maintains the energy and drive. Again has a garage band type of sound that is not overproduced.