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Review of Daydreaming album by Murder Shoes on Land Ski Records

Murder Shoes are a band from Minneapolis who released their eponymous EP on Land Ski Records which I’ve previously reviewed here.
This is an excellent follow up album, there’s a great laid back vibe at times but equally an edge of tension and a more uptempo sound at times too. The vocals are excellent – at times dreamy, other times more upfront with an angst and great attitude. ¬†There’s a great range of guitar playing too from jangly riffing, shimmery tremelo guitar chords and distorted lead lines. The album has a solid indie rock sound but what I really like is the way that Murder Shoes also weave in a sound somewhere between surf guitar, stoner rock and post punk.
Your Friend Kimmie
Laid back bass riff to open leading into a shimmering strummed guitar chord. The vocals are excellent, having a really dreamy quality. There’s a really nice change to a more urgent feel to end the song.
So What May
Slightly distorted riff to open leading into a jangly riff, the song has a great momentum with nice change of feel into the chorus. The song has a brooding quality, vocals again are excellent.
Bad Reputation
Has a laid back feel to the opening with jangly chord riff and dreamy vocals. The song has a really good momentum.
Strummed chords and slightly distorted surf guitar riff to open, the song has a really good edge of tension from the vocals.
Great drumming and bass to open, shimmery guitar chords and riff give a great sound. The vocals again are excellent and the song has a kind of lonesome quality with a real femme fatale quality to the vocals. There’s also a great solo with some excellent feedback too.
Girls Named Benji

The video is embedded above. A strummed muted distorted chord with a contrasting open chord and vocals too open, there’s a great change of feel with the drumming and strummed riff which gives great momentum. There’s a great angst in the vocals at times and some nice harmonies too. The song has really good riffing and a great energy.
Little Lost
Great sound effects to open, drumming gives a great momentum and there’s an excellent distorted guitar riff and gnarly bass. The vocals are excellent again, they sit slightly behind the groove and have great attitude.¬† There’s a great build and release of tension too.
Reefer and Pizza
This song has quite a laid back feel with the opening guitar riff contrasting with the more chord vamp feel of the verses. Great attitude in the vocals again building a tension at times. The song has some great riffing too.
Uptempo guitar riff to open, shimmering guitar chords have a real western or surf guitar feel and there’s great changes in feel to a more distorted sound. The vocals are great again with some really nice harmonies.
Can You Sea Me
A delayed riff to open, really nice shimmery tremolo guitar and dreamy vocals too. The song has a great momentum from the drumming and bass with nice build and release through the song.
How Does it Feel?
Great riff to open, drumming gives a tension against the more laid back vocals. The song builds really well leading into a real stoner rock kind of feel with a brooding quality. There’s great control over the sound that’s reigned in when you think it’s going to open up and let loose, however, it does towards the end of the song which makes a great ending.
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