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Review of ‘Dehumanize yr Self’ album by Amberglow on Triplicate Records

Amberglow is a collaboration between Suncastle Music and SupplyFi and what I love is how the seamless fusing of ambience with edgy, IDM drum / percussion sounds, intricate arps and often edgy synth riffs creates a captivating sound.

It’s really hard to describe in terms of genres but that creates an album that has lots of different elements that merge and weave to create ambiences with edgy percussion, IDM / industrial sounds, evolving basses and great synth leads.

There are superb changes of feel, often subtle and sometimes more pronounced, a build / release of tension and great momentum.


(video by BVSMV Music)

Synth riff and growly bass to open, there’s an industrial feel to the percussion that gives a harsh, edgy feel contrasting with the more laid back synth riffs and ambient pads. Some great background sound effects and nice flow.

Dehumanize yr Self
A brooding opening, a dark ambience contrasting with arp and evolving pad sound. Percussion adds a great momentum and is an excellent contrasting element.

Replicant Village
Excellent background sound effects and momentum from the bass, an edgy, glitchy sound.

Negative Zero
subdued keys, distortion/feedback and kick with sparse percussive elements build tension nicely to an arp that’s a kind of release. Percussion adds a great momentum, great evolution of the song.

Intricate sounding arp to open, drum pattern adds an edgy contrast. Bass gives momentum, excellent change of feel to acid-type bassline which gives a great contrast with the more ambient elements.

The Hum
Delayed synth riff and processed drums to open, drumming pattern has an edgy uptempo feel contrasting with the synth. The drop with the bass takes on a menacing feel, broody drumming, bass drone and sound fx create a superb atmosphere.

City Slicker in his Sports Car
Processed, drum / percussion sounds and bass riff create an edgy, tense sound. There’s a drone with subtle movement and contrasting arp, great contrast been the edgy feel and ambient elements.

Paper Labyrinth
Swirling synth and processed percussion to open, it’s a woozy type of sound propelled by a processed kick drum. Excellent synth riffs and background sounds. The song is excellently arranged, there’s an ambience but also an edge, it’s disconcerting at times.

A great soundscape, background bird type sounds are accompanied by sparse percussion and a drone.

Percussive rhythm to open accompanied by an also rhythmic organ-type riff leading into a synth lead with percussive background sounds that releases to an ambience.

Distorted chime-type riff to open and sparse percussion, there’s a stripped back feel given momentum by kick drum and percussion. The pad sounds add an excellent ambience. A slow building momentum to a final release.

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