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Review of Driving Me Stoned Album by Parades Against Parades on Cardinal Fuzz

This was released by Cardinal Fuzz way back in July 2018 so as you’d expect, the vinyl has long since sold out.

It’s an excellent album with a superb jam quality, parades Against Parades have a tight knit sound somewhere between blues, rock and roll and post punk. You’ll find superb high energy riffing and grooves, vocals with attitude propelled by solid drumming and bass. 

Heading up to Head Down

A slow building groove with lonesome vocals and a bluesy feel, a subtle tension builds and releases to a final crescendo, it’s an excellent jam. 

Some Sort of Problem

Distorted riff propelled by solid drumming, it’s an uptempo opening leading into a more laid back groove that returns to the more uptempo feel. An excellent brooding quality with a simmering tension in the vocals. 

Driving Me Stoned

Superb opening groove somewhere between post punk, rock and blues, there’s an excellent energy to the song, a solid vibe with a great passion in the vocals and great solos too. 

Sonic Reaction

Strummed chords and riff to open, edgy vocals and drumming / bass propel the song with momentum. It’s a rock and roll vibe with attitude and energy. 

Love’s Addiction

Distortion / feedback leading into an uptempo groove with edgy vocals, it’s another high energy song with attitude, great solo and just enough control. 

Heading up to Head Down (Steve Reed mix)

Similar to the original but with a. Cleaner, less distorted sound. 

Wasting All My Time

Sparse chords and vocals build a slow rock groove, drumming and bass also build slowly, distorted chords add a great tension. Excellent control, it feels like it’s gonna go with a solo leading to feedback but releases and builds tension again with another solo with feedback and effects. It’s intense with a final release.