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Review of ‘Ear to the Ground’ album by Rathrobin on Naviar Records

This is a beautiful album. Layered textures of strings, ambiences, field recordings and mesmerising vocals create a cinematic journey filled with emotion and great depth.

Stride opens the album with layered drone and ominous bass, vocals have a haunting feel. Strings, drone and percussion give an Eastern flavour, psychedelic almost. 

Strings, drone and guitar give The Gilded Lily a reflective quality with an edge of tension and a great ambience.

Short Days has a looping feel from strings contrasting with layered drones and ambience. Saturation gives an edge,  changes in feel build and release tension.

Ear to the Ground – piano, field recordings, layered drones and vocals give a reflective vibe which ebbs and flows with a great release.

Sea and Rust – Piano, field recordings and strings give an urgency creating a great soundscape.

Brief Intermission is an evolving ambience with layered drones and subtle percussion and just an edge of tension.

The Thought’s Alright is a great way to close the album. A folk feel with edge of sadness from repeating guitar riff layered with strings, drones, piano and haunting vocals.