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Review of Eclectic EP by Erin at Eleven

This is a beautiful EP, there’s a sadness to the songs but also an inner strength, defiance, that gives a positive, hopeful outlook.

The arrangements are excellent with a great range of layered sounds and instruments. The vocals really stand out, they’re stunning. Full of emotion, they’re captivating with an edge of sadness. 

Only Myself to Blame

Superb vibe to the opening, it’s kind of twinkly to start with a contrasting distorted bass and drum pattern that gives an edgy, upfront sound. There’s a sadness to the vocals but also a resolute inner strength.

One Thing

Strummed acoustic to open, drumming and distorted lead create a tension leading to an edgy sound to the song with swirling synth sounds and layered effects. Superb vocals again, passion with defiance. 

All Roads Lead Back

An acoustic, almost country vibe from acoustic guitars propelled by solid drumming and bass. The vocals are superb, captivating with lovely harmonies. A reflective song with great warmth and humour. 

Over You

A simply beautiful song, soulful and jazzy. A superb stripped back arrangement of piano, organ and vocals. 

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