Review of Ella Squirrell 'Loop' EP on Gospel Oak Records

Ella Squirrell grew up surrounded by creativity in the beautiful town of Bridport in Dorset. She has always felt at one with the natural world, returning to nature as a comfort in her song-writing. She has recently spent six months living and working in London, after discovering it to be a great base for music, and has returned to Dorset with a wealth of experience.
Loop is a 4 track EP which has a brilliant vibe. There are hints of jazz and a real smooth natural sound from the percussion and bass. Ella’s vocals are sublime – beautiful, effortless and enchanting. The production is also excellent which really highlights Ella’s vocals and gives that great chilled, natural sound.

Quiet Fire
This song has a great electric piano type sound to open, percussion and bass enter and build gradually as you’re captivated by Ella’s beautiful voice. There’s a great smooth chilled vibe to the song and excellent background harmonies. There are nice changes in feel too.
There’s a great jazz feel to the opening electric piano accompanied by Ella’s smooth vocals with some really nice harmonies too. The drumming and bass give a solid momentum and there’s an excellent arrangement and production again. The clarinet adds a great element to the song.
Trust is a White Dove
A stunningly beautiful and equally sad song, great piano playing and really emotive vocals, natural bass, percussion and strings too. The arrangement is excellent, quite sparse but really focuses your attention on the vocals and piano.
Really like the trumpet to open the song, a great groove is provided by percussion and bass. Ella’s vocals again are superb, enchanting and captivating. A string type synth riff adds a great contrasting element to the more natural sounds. Just a hint of an edge of tension which works really well.
Loop is available on iTunes and you can also catch Ella live on Friday 14th August at the Beach and Barnicott, Bridport, UK. Further details can be found here.
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