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Review of Erleen Nada – Songs from the Other Side of Infinity album

Erleen Nada is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. She’s performed with such musicians as Jello Biafra (formally of the Dead Kennedys), and The Egyptian Lover, and continues to perform around the world.
This album has a great vibe. I really like the way it defies genres and typical conventions. There’s a kind of 80s feel from the drum patterns, bass and synth sounds but some great contrasting elements and layered sounds. There’s psychedelic and avant-garde too which makes defining the style of a particular song really difficult. The vocals are typically spoken, often with great attitude, sarcasm and flippancy / irreverence at times and are always really well processed.
The production is excellent, it’s not over-complicated and it’s not too polished which means the album retains a great edge.
Psychic Uterus
A great 80s feel to this song which has an industrial vibe at times, there’s really good layering of sounds with some great synth sounds and background sounds too. The vocals are excellent.
Psychedelic Spaceship
Great dirty bass to open, drumming gives a great momentum. Brilliant use of delay and panning on the vocals. There are some great background sounds and the song has a great vibe.
The song has a great percussive rhythm and background sounds to open, really good vocals again.
Dance Music For Russian Spies
A great synth arp and bass to open, the vocals have a more spoken style with great use of delay. There are some great background sounds too. An excellent arrangement with really good layering of sounds.
Cosmic Trigger
This song has a 4:4 drum pattern and bassline leading into a great brass sounding riff and synth sound with background sounds which provide a great contrast. Vocals are spoken again and processed really well. The song has a kind of industrial vibe.
Drop Your Pants
An urgent sounding drum pattern and bassline to open, the song has great background sounds and a spoken vocal style with great attitude. I really like the delayed vocals too. The song has a great edge of tension.
A great atmospheric opening and synth lead sound with really good layering of sounds. The song has a great edge of tension. I really like the ephemeral feel from the use of processed vocal snippets.
Peachy Keen
Great drumming pattern and bassline to open, a really nice synth arp too. There’s really good use of harmonised vocals and fantastic attitude and sarcasm in the vocals.
Cowbell Song
Some great acid type sounds to open, the vocals are spoken and the song has quite a hypnotic sound. Really good processing of vocals again and a driving drum pattern too.
Sand in Japan
Great drum pattern and use of vocals to open the song, quite a trippy sound from the layering of vocal elements and use of delay.
Mystery Bruise
Great drumming pattern, bassline and synth to open the song, again there’s great background sounds and processing of vocals. Has a kind of space feel at times.
Love City
This song opens with a great riff and has a great vibe. Vocals processed really well and great attitude again. I really like the bell type synth sound riff and the bass adds a nice tension.
Great string synth sounds and vocal harmonies to open, the song has just an edge of tension. The song has excellent background sounds and a good momentum from the drum pattern and bassline.
Radio Active Toxic Spill
This song has a brooding quality to the opening which has a style that’s really hard to pin down. Great vocals again and a really good momentum from the percussive rhythm and bass.
My Kung Fu
Great use of a film / TV quote, really good layering of bass and synth arp. I really like the drum pattern too which gives a really good momentum. Great synth sounds and layering again.
Vain Superstitions
I really like the squelchy bass that opens the song and the drum pattern gives a great momentum. The vocals are spoken and quite sultry and seductive. There’s a great edge of tension to the song and really good layering of background sounds again.
Shut the Fuk Up
An excellent drum pattern to open with synth lead and bass, the vocals are pretty much as the title, spoken with great attitude.
The song has great bass to open with a really good synth lead too. The song has an almost reggae feel at times. There’s great processing of vocals and some really good background sounds again.
A great rhythm to open, distorted guitar gives a great contrast against the synth riff. The song has a trippy feel with the combination of these contrasting elements.
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