Review of ‘Ether’ by Demian Castellanos on Cardinal Fuzz and Out Of Phase Frequencies

Cardinal Fuzz and Out Of Phase Frequencies are proud to announce a new release by Demian Castellanos of ambient and otherworldly music. The album is released on Black Vinyl in an edition of 250 and comes in a sumptuous Metallic Gold screen printed sleeve with full colour insert. It’s also available as a digital download from Cardinal Fuzz and is embedded above.

Demian Castellanos is best known as the man behind the London psyche rock outfit The Oscillation. Recorded in Cambridge 1995 Demian returned to the recordings in the winter of 2015 where the tapes were transferred and mixed at Xibalba Studios.

This is presented a single piece, 30 minutes in length. Ether has a superb flow, an excellent ambience and hypnotic sound. The arrangement and production is spot on, each sound has its place and has space to evolve.

The opening creates a superb tension with delayed guitar creating a swirling, ebb and flow feel accompanied by deep bass and sound effects which create a great soundscape. The tension resolves to a more ambient feel with a riff, swelling bass and percussive sound effects. A really subtle change with a distorted trem guitar and swirling background sounds. The reversed guitar works really well too. A shimmery riff and distorted phased / flanger sound builds the tension and is propelled by bass and delayed strummed chords with a great release to a more laid back feel with a slow solo and just an edge of tension with a slow release to end.

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