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Review of Exit Methods on Big Wave Records (BWR/13)

This is a superb album, each of the songs has a great vibe and is really well arranged and produced. There’s some excellent soundscapes and textures, percussive rhythms are often sparse using processed sounds and are done excellently. The layering of sounds is also excellent creating great contrasts and emotions. There’s an overall ambience to the album with just an edge of tension / glitch at times and it’s this contrast which creates such a brilliant, atmospheric album.
Umbilical Chords – Alchesound
There’s a brilliant ambience to this song, excellent textures and movement in sound to create a tension at times. The song opens with a drone and wind type sound the evolving piano sound is excellent with some reverse elements which creates an excellent contrast. The percussive rhythm gives a momentum and I really like how the vocal snippets are like thoughts passing through your mind.
Hypnotist – The Shimmer Effect
A great atmospheric opening from delayed and layered sounds, the drum pattern builds gradually from a starting 4:4 kick to a well defined sparse rhythm complemented really well by the bass. The vocal samples are layered superbly, the panning and depth gives a brilliant presence, sometimes like someone whispering in your ear, other times like an overheard conversation.
Depth Perception – Dub Bred
A really well processed sample to open with layered synth and bass. There’s an excellent lead sound and sparse percussive rhythm which becomes more defined. The arrangement is excellent, really good layering to allow evolution of the different sounds.
Ionic Nights – Salook
Great bass and synth sounds to open, I really like the use of the recorded sounds, like a journey on public transport with a combination of train, underground and bus. I don’t know where the quote is from but it works really well with an excellent change of feel to a more defined percussive rhythm and vocal / choir type sounds with excellent use of delay.
Cloudy Above – Arkeyetexture
Another great atmospheric opening, I really like the glitchy bassline. There’s great textures and movement in the sounds used, they’re layered to great effect. The song is a great soundscape, quite hypnotic and dreamy.
Afterlife Love – Project Hybrid
A looping riff and drone to open, the song has a sparse percussive rhythm and a gnarly bass sound with really well layered synth riffs and pad type sounds. The song has a great build and release of tension, there’s an edge to the sound which contrasts really well with the more ambient parts.
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