Review of ‘Fifteen Minutes Nowhere’ album by Earlyguard


Earlyguard produces electroacoustic music and is based in Germany. Fifteen Minutes Nowhere is one of nineteen releases available from his Bandcamp page.

This album is 7 short songs which total fifteen minutes in length. I really like the way the album is a solo piano recording which although has a deceptively simple sounding arrangement, the playing is excellent and there’s a great feel to the album. It’s quite jazzy, ambient and almost meditative at times but equally very approachable with nice tension, contrasts and changes in feel.

Each song is like a variation on a theme, there’s elements of dissonance, tension and contrast between the bassline and melody with some arrangements being more sparse than others but it equally could be considered as one 15 minute piece.

Which is why I’ve chosen to write this album review as a whole rather than individual songs because it does have great ambient and meditative qualities at times where you can lose yourself in it with the contrast / tension being quite subtle but noticeable enough to grab your attention and return you back. The album opens with some dissonance and tension, quite a sparse arrangement with a great contrast between the bassline and melody. The next two songs start in a similar vein, quite a sparse feel to begin with developing a more defined melody and there’s a nice tension between the bass and melody. The album then develops more defined melodies but again a nice tension and the album ends with a sparse feel and a really nice tension between the bassline and melody.

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