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Review of ‘Find the Ways’ album by Allred & Broderick on Erased Tapes

I really like the stripped back arrangements of the songs – violin and bass accompanied by vocals that create a deep and captivating sound that holds your interest with sad stories and often a lamenting feel. 

It’s a sound somewhere between folk and bluegrass and there’s a hint of classical at times too. The stripped back feel and arrangements really highlight the quality of instrumentation and vocals. 

Living on A Wire

Violin and bass to open, there’s a sparse arrangement accompanied by beautiful harmonised vocals. It’s a folk / bluegrass type of sound with a slow groove. 

The Wise One

Violin has a kind of urgency creating a tension. Another sparse arrangement of violin and bass with vocals telling the story with a kind of call and response feel at times. 

Two Otters

Violin and bass create an uplifting and optimistic feel with a change to a more reflective / contemplative sound returning to the more optimistic feel to end. 

Hey Stranger

Slow violin and bass create a tension and slow groove accompanied by more spoken vocals. It has a kind of lamenting feel, a story full of sorrow. 

Four Aspens

An instrumental track, another slow groove from bass and violin, it has an edge of sorrow with an increasing urgency building and releasing tension. 

The Ways

An acapella track with great harmonies and an excellent ethos and message. 


Atmospheric opening with violin and ghostly vocals leading into spoken vocals. It’s a kind of introduction into the next song. 

I’m not Crazy

Almost a drone type of opening from violin accompanied by vocals. The song has a kind of Celtic feel with a reflective quality to the vocals.  Sparse violin lead is subtle and works really well. 

Ode to Angelica

Slow violin to open accompanied by bass, it’s a kind of lamenting sound with a build of tension to a release with a spoken name at the end. 

Robert, Please

Walking Bassline to open with percussive hits, violin is sparse and accompanies the bass really well. Vocals are somewhere between spoken and sung.