You are currently viewing Review of forthcoming '!Nada!' album by Factice Factory (release date 15th December 2015)

Review of forthcoming '!Nada!' album by Factice Factory (release date 15th December 2015)

!Nada! is the second album by Factice Factory and will be released on 15th December 2015 but you can pre-order and get 3 tracks now plus the complete album once it is released.
I received 2 of these 3 tracks a while ago and have been eagerly awaiting release details of the album before publishing my review of them. I’ve decided to publish this mini-review ahead of release because I really like them and basically can’t wait.
Mask (Feat. Lisette Schoenly)
The bass gives a great momentum accompanied by excellent background sounds and sparse percussion. I really like how the male vocals are French and the female vocals are English. The song has a nice change in feel, it has a dark-ish synthpop feel but a great ambience also. The interplay between the French and English vocals is excellent and the song is really well produced.
This song has great synth sounds to open followed by a wicked bass arp. The percussion is sparse, a bit glitchy and used to great effect. The vocals are excellent again, all in English this time with some brilliant harmonies. The song has a great momentum with some really well layered sounds. There’s a great edge to the song.
On the basis of these songs, !Nada! is going to be another excellent release from Factice Factory. In the meantime, you can read my review of their previous release, the excellent ‘The White Days’ album here.
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