Review of Frostbite VST by Audiothing

Frostbite is a multi-effect plugin featuring ring modulator, feedback (delay) and freeze modules. What’s great about Frostbite is the range of sounds you can get from it but also the differences you get with different input sounds. For instance, you can create a preset using a certain type of input sound to give a particular result but when you change the input sound, Frostbite can give unexpected results. String sounds seem to work better with soundscape type sounds whereas metallic effects work well on one-shot or percussive sounds but certainly don’t be afraid to experiment, it’s often the unexpected results that give you some great sounds.
There are 6 different signal paths selectable with the signal chain A to F buttons. These give all the possible combinations:
Ring mod – Freeze – Feedback
Ring mod – Feedback – Freeze
Feedback – Ring mod – Freeze
Feedback – Freeze – Ring mod
Freeze – Feedback – Ring mod
Freeze – Ring mod – Feedback
Each of these are also switchable on and off as required. There is also a limiter which is a hard clipper at 0dB, dry / wet controls and an excellent random option which randomises all parameters.
The ring mod has frequency, low pass filter and amount controls. It can produce pulsing noises to dissonant drones to metallic sounds.
Freeze is like a reverb with fade in, fade out, high pass filter, size and amount controls. It can produce subtle to huge reverb tails.
Feedback is like an LFO delay with LFO rate and depth, delay and amount controls. It can produce subtle motion and overtone type sounds to a fast tremelo effect.
So basically Frostbite can produce anything in-between these extremes, it’s a really pronounced effect at times but can be more subtle too with the dry / wet controls giving added control over the sound.
The presets I created were a reverb delay / effect with subtle movement and metallic dissonance; metallic sounds; cinematic soundscape type sound; soundscape with metallic dark edge.
I’ve used two simple but different sounds from TAL Noisemaker played clean and then processed with the presets I created to show the range of sounds it can produce and these are embedded below. The third example uses a chord progression with a keys type of sound to show the contrast. I’ve also embedded a song at the top of the post which is an alternative version of a song that will appear on The Kalipheno Trilogy | Part Two EP. This uses samples from an upcoming sample pack “Kalipheno” that will be submitted for the KVR Developer’s Challenge. I’ve used these sounds in the U-Drone add-on of Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II and processed them with Frostbite. I’ve also used Ephemere by Inear Display for the percussive rhythm and a separate review of this will follow.



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