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Review of 'Frozen Houses' EP by Frozen Houses

This is an excellent EP. There’s brilliant acoustic guitar playing and excellent vocals with lovely harmonies too. I really like the ‘live’ feel of this EP, it sounds very natural yet retains a great passion and energy, there’s also a nice edge of tension at times too which works really well.
Stars on the Boulevard
This song has a great acoustic riff to open with a slightly distorted riff. The vocals have a great edge of tension to them with some lovely harmonies too. There are really nice changes in feel through the song which has a great arrangement, a really natural, almost live sound. I really like how the vocals have been processed – subtle but very effective.
Trouble Outside
This song has great acoustic chord strumming overlain by a riff, there are really nice harmonies again and the vocals are excellent, they have a kind of angst. There’s a great arrangement again, very little processing and a really natural feel.
Back on the Train
This song is more uptempo and has a kind of western vibe to the intro. The song has the momentum of a train too, it has an urgency contrasted really well by the subtle riff which has nice trem qualities at times. There’s great interplay between the male and female vocals too.
This is another song with a great acoustic guitar to open and subtle bass too. The second guitar adds a really nice contrast / resolution. The vocals again are excellent and this song also has an urgency which adds a really nice edge of tension at times.
This song has a great opening, brilliant acoustic guitar playing accompanied by excellent vocals again. A simple but very effective arrangement.
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