Review of Gestalt EP by Roofhare

This EP was created using guitar, delay pedals and a looper pedal. It has an excellent experimental feel with great use of delay, layered sounds and feedback and Roofhare gets a huge range of sounds from the guitar. I really like the development of rhythmic sounds and interplay between the different delay effects which gives an ambience with a darker edge and great tension at times.

A pulsing, swirling opening leading into delayed impact type sounds. There’s an excellent dark ambience to this song and I really like the layering of pulsing drones, metallic sounds, bass sounds and scrape effects. It’s quite a sparse sound at times which creates a great tension.

A rhythmic opening leads into an excellently layered ambience with bass drones, haunting vocal type sounds and a reversed lead which has accordion qualities at times and adds a great tension. There’s an excellent interplay between the different elements with a great variation of sounds and there’s an excellent tension.

A great use of delay to the opening riff which a has a kind of sitar feel at times. There are some lovely shimmery chords and some great sound effects. There’s an excellent use of delay through the song which has an experimental feel with riffs, swirling background sounds and drone type sounds at times.

Tacit Intuition
This doesn’t use guitar but the self oscillation properties of the effects pedals. It’s an excellent dark ambience with great development of rhythmic patterns, layered drone type sounds and feedback. An excellent building and release of tension with a great range of sounds.

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